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Manual Testing
Given a completed software application or product, The Manual Test Execution service includes Execution of the test cases given by client (Test cases can be prepared by ConfiMinds QA team), Logging Defects into Defect Tracking system, Generating reports (graphical and statistical) of defects in different components using different, parameters, Weekly/Daily reporting to client, Effectively communicating with Client to raise the red flags for the critical issues/defects.
Some types of testing supported include:

  • Regression Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Load testing
  • Stress Testing

Automation Testing
Automation alleviates the tedium of manual testing by automatically executing a battery of tests using an automated testing tool. The tool acts just as a user would; interacting with an application to input data and verify expected responses. Implemented properly, an automated regression battery can be run unattended and overnight, freeing up testers to concentrate on testing new features and functionality.
Test automation can be particularly useful in regression testing. Regression testing involves executing a predefined battery of tests against successive builds of an application to verify that bugs are being fixed and features / functions that were working in the previous build haven't been broken. Regression testing is an essential part of testing, but is very repetitive and can become tedious when manually executed build after build.
Automation Tools Expertise in ConfiMinds:

  • Mercury’s WinRunner
  • Segue’s SilkTest
  • Compuware’s QARun
  • Mercury’s QuickTest Professional
  • Rational’s Robot 

Performance Testing
ConfiMinds specializes in providing professional Performance Testing Services for web applications to troubleshoot and fine-tune the applications. These services include Load Testing, Volume Testing, Response Time Testing, Stress Testing, Transaction Through-put, Performance Assessments and support services.
ConfiMinds Performance Testing Services Includes:

  • Performance test design, execution, results analysis and reporting
  • Client/server performance testing
  • Database performance testing
  • Website performance testing
  • Web application performance testing
  • Performance testing tool evaluation and selection
  • Ongoing / periodic performance testing for live systems or websites

Performance Testing Tools Expertise in ConfiMinds:

  • Load Runner
  • QA Load
  • Astra LoadTest

Security and Privacy Testing
ConfiMinds realizes the importance of safe and secure transactions in cyberspace, and helps you in securing your applications and data from unauthorized access and misuse. We assist you in setting up a Company wide Security Policy, identify your information assets, and check the vulnerability of your Intranet / Internet / mail environment.
Security Testing focuses on two key areas of security:

  • Web security or Application-level security, including access to the Data or Business Functions
  • System-level Security, including logging into or remote access to the system.

This testing is performed to determine the ability of an application, its platform (including the network), and the surrounding business practices to prohibit unauthorized access.
Application-level security ensures that, based upon the desired security, actors are restricted to specific functions, or are limited in the data that is available to them. For example, everyone may be permitted to enter data and create new accounts, but only managers can delete them. If there is security at the data level, testing ensures that ”user type one” can see all customer information, including financial data, however, ”user two” only sees the demographic data for a single customer.
System-level security ensures that only those users granted access to the system are capable of accessing the applications, and even then only through the appropriate gateways.


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