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ConfiMinds is ready to ride on the phenomenal success of the Return to India (R2I) trend. As per NASSCOM, over 35,000 Indian IT professional have returned back to India in the last 3 years. India's booming economy and promising IT sector is reported as the main attraction for returning NRIs who are looking for a piece of the 'home made' pie. People who left India to live and work and become US citizens are returning to India because they find the economic environment appealing and the big money they can earn in India buys them levels of comfort and a standard of living that they enjoyed while in US. And depending on how long he or she has been in the US, companies in India are keen to tap the unique individuality of the returning professionals and the exposure they have gained while in US. Their experience is proving to be the key driver of some of the latest developments in the industry.

Those planning to return to India have a lot of planning ahead of them. First and foremost they need to secure a job that suits their area of expertise, finance and investments come next, followed by finding a good school for kids and a comfortable home to settle down.

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